Thank You Booster Club!

The VCS Booster Club does several projects each year to benefit and support the success of the athletic programs at Vacaville Christian. Without their hardworking, dedicated members serving the Athletics Department, many tasks would remain undone and many events would be short-handed. With the challenges of covid concerns impacting their on-campus presence, and up until now, no actual sporting events to support through concession sells, gate volunteers, security staff at football games, and the like, the Booster Club found another way to support not only the athletics programming, but the school as a whole. They say it’s the little things in life that bring joy and happiness, well dear Booster Club, VCS would like to say THANK YOU for the new ice machine in the gym!

Ice machine? How will that purchase help our programs? For starters your ice cold drinks will be appreciated much more in those warmer months, but the daily need by the physical education and athletics programs in injury care and proper hydration of our student-athletes is essential to our success.

Thank you Booster Club!

From all of us at VCS
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