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Three-sport athletes, coaches prepare for condensed calendar

August 8, 2020/Chris Jackson/No Comments

A new sports calendar could create hiccups for some, but local Bay Area athletes and coaches are not too concerned about how it will impact their schedules.

With sporting events on hold in most of California – including the Central CoastNorth Coast and Sac-Joaquin sections – until late December or early January, that creates a condensed calendar as they look to still fit in all sports during a six-month span in the spring semester. 

So, some multi-sport athletes – particularly those in three or more sports -might have to pick and choose which sports they play this year, or they work with their coaches to figure out a plan so that they can still compete in each of their respective sports.

“We prepared for possibly playing in October,” said Vacaville Christian head football coach Manny Tarango. “We prepared for possibly having to move it back to December and what happens if we go into spring? They’ve decided to go that route and that direction, and we adjust. 

“Our message to our players and our team is to respond. We’ve been focusing on a lot of leadership and character development, and we use the formula of E + R = O. Event + Response = The Outcome. This is just a great teaching moment for us to continue to sell home.”

Manny Tarango

Adjusting is all they can do, and at Vacaville Christian – a school with an enrollment of 250 at the high school level – Tarango and the other coaches on campus are working together to make sure they do what is in the best interest of the student-athlete.

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